This Won’t End Well: ‘Snowfall’ Season 6 Episode 5 Recap

Source: Ray Micksaw / FX

As episodes pass and tensions continue to rise, we’re starting to witness our beloved characters legitimately spiral out of control. It’s not a surprise that after he was robbed of 73 million dollars, Franklin (Damson Idris) is pulling out all of the stops to try and get his money back. In this episode entitled ‘Ebony and Ivory,’ we got a glimpse into how far he’s willing to go in order to make it happen. Before dealing with Teddy (Carter Hudson) though, Franklin had to address some lingering issues with Kane (Devaughn Nixon). Kane made it clear to Franklin that he wouldn’t stand for Jerome (Amin Joseph) and Louie (Angela Lewis) attempting to take his life. He begins to become irritated when Franklin can’t tell him anything in relation to the whereabouts of his family except that they might be at the club. Although Franklin has other business to tend to, Kane doesn’t want to hear it. He gives Franklin an ultimatum: either he comes up with a plan to find his aunt and uncle or he wouldn’t be leaving (it looks like Kane has a new hideout that they were at). Luckily, Franklin peeps an image of a horse on a nearby TV and gets an idea. He remembers that Louie frequently visits a horse stable and shares the information. Kane’s men make their way there and decide that they will stay until Louie pops up. They mention how Kane wants her alive once they find her. Considering how much Louie loves going horseback riding, it’s only a matter of time before they catch up to her. What will be her fate when and if they do?

While Franklin is busy helping Kane plot on Jerome and Louie, Veronique (Devyn A. Tyler) and Cassandra (Tamara Taylor) are laying the groundwork for the bigger plan…the one to get Franklin’s money back. The episode begins with the mother and daughter in a car having a conversation about the drug kingpin. Cassandra asks her daughter about having an exit plan if their original one doesn’t work. Veronique quickly responds that it will but her mother is unmoved. Cassandra explains how she’s dealt with men like Franklin before. She explains that for men like him, the money won’t be enough and that he’ll always want more. Before Veronique can give a real answer, the two are interrupted when they spot a man they’ve seemingly been waiting for. It’s revealed to us that the man in question is none other than the father of Teddy. The next day, Veronique and Cassandra kick their plan into gear. They make their way into the retirement home that Teddy’s father lives in, acting as if Veronique is going to admit Cassandra. While Veronique distracts the staff, Cassandra strikes a conversation with Jack. After a few minutes of discussing how miserable they would be if they stay, she’s able to convince him to make a run for it. The two drive to Jack’s house and begin to drink, dance and share their life stories. Although Cassandra is just playing a role, her and Jack do share some real life things (they both have regrets with how they handled raising their children and Jack wishes he could fix things with Teddy). Cassandra is able to keep him occupied long enough for Veronique to go pick up Franklin from the airport and bring him to the house. When he arrives, he immediately calls Teddy and lets him know that he’s in Kansas City and currently with his father. Realizing what’s happening, Teddy tries to act as if his father doesn’t mean anything to him. Franklin reads through the bullsh-t and calls his bluff by telling Teddy that he can either give him his money or he’ll kill his father. Teddy claims that it’s a process and it’s not as easy as just sending the money back. Big mistake. As soon as Franklin doesn’t hear the answer he wants, he rushes into the living room (Veronique and Cassandra are present) and slits Jack’s throat…while Teddy is still on the phone hearing his father take his last gasps of air! Franklin gives him one more warning: If he doesn’t get his money back, he will haunt Parissa (Tiffany Lonsdale), Teddy’s son and anybody else he loves. Teddy is completely shook as he listens to everything play out on the phone while he’s with Gustavo (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) and Stephen (Matthew Alan). Franklin orders a frightened Veronique and Cassandra to leave the house before he sets it ablaze with Jack’s body still inside. Mannnnn, if this doesn’t show us how serious Franklin is, nothing will. How will Teddy try and strike back? Did Franklin ask Cissy to run earlier in the episode because he knew he was going to do this?

Before having to listen to his father get murdered, Teddy had already been going through a lot. During last week’s episode, Teddy seen Ruben (Alejandro Edda) leaving a bar after talking to Gustavo. This week, Gustavo finally told Xiamara about how he’s mixed in with the CIA, DEA and KGB. He tells her that after Teddy’s warehouse is raided, they’ll all have to go into witness protection. Similarly to how Cissy (Michael Hyatt) did earlier in the episode, Xiamara declines. She orders Gustavo to figure out a way to give her the normal life she and her sons deserve. Feeling like he’s running out of options, Gustavo decides to tell Teddy about Ruben approaching him. He should be glad he did because Teddy had just told Stephen about his suspicions of Gustavo. While meeting on a noisy freeway, Gustavo admits that he seen Ruben and suggests that Teddy move the drugs from the warehouse. Ironically, Teddy responds rather calmly. He shares with Gustavo that he already moved the drugs and that he had been following him so he caught the whole interaction between him and Ruben. He assures Gustavo that he has nothing to worry about. Although he doesn’t know it, Teddy can’t necessarily say the same for himself. Teddy knows about the KGB, but doesn’t know that Gustavo’s also working with the DEA (who he had call off their own potential raid after finding out that Teddy had already moved them). After his conversation with Gustavo, Teddy used some of his CIA contacts to help him break into Ruben’s home. The break in was almost a complete bust until Teddy came across Ruben’s stash of dirty magazines, which all but confirmed that Ruben was gay. How will Teddy use this newfound information against the KGB agent? How will Gustavo be able to make it out of such a sticky situation without pissing one side off? One more thing to note…Ruben is very meticulous. He measured the alignment and positioning of one of his closest before he left his home and when he returned. Will he realize someone was in his home? Will he realize it was Teddy? If so, what will his next move be?

Leon (Isaiah John) didn’t take long to figure out his next move. Before he could even ice his wounds from the fight with Deon (Quincy Chad), there’s a knock at his door. Wanda (Gail Bean) opens it to find Einstein (Kamron Alexander), Renny (Evan Allen-Gessesse) and some more of Deon’s workers. They hip Leon that Deon has left to go to his girlfriend’s house but took the cash and product with him. They alert him that they’re down to follow him but don’t know if it’s the best idea because of how wishy washy he is. They emphasize that they won’t follow him if he’s not all in and doesn’t have a plan in place for them to still make money. After Leon asks them who will be in control if he doesn’t do it and they don’t have a solid answer, Leon takes it upon himself, much to the dismay of his new wife. Leon goes outside to the middle of the projects and offers an open challenge to anybody who has a problem with him. He declares that he’s running things again and they’re going to get back to getting money the right way. It’s very sad to see Leon go back to this life, especially after seeing how much Africa seemingly changed him and his mindset. It’s even more sad for Wanda. She already didn’t want to return to Los Angeles. She surely didn’t expect to be in the mix the way she is going to be now. One good thing she does have going for her is being able to work at the shelter and get advice from Cissy. The two shared a very heartfelt conversation in which they both expressed how much they admire the other. Wanda proclaimed that she appreciates how Cissy fights for her family and community. Cissy praised Wanda’s ability to heal in the midst of everything that has happened and is currently happening. Both of these women will need a lot of perseverance to make it through what is sure to be a crazy ending to this ride. Did Leon come back just to get killed in the same game he fled from? Where does Wanda fit in it all? When will Deon strike back?

If his conversation with Jerome was any indication, it’s going to be very soon. Before they talked, Jerome and Louie got a visit from Detective Buckley (Brandon Jay McLaren). He shared the unfortunate news that their hit on Kane was unsuccessful. He made it even worse when he told them that the reason it didn’t go down was because of Franklin’s involvement. Deon then showed up to the club to let Jerome and Louie know about him and Leon’s fight. He requests that they don’t sell to Leon since he still runs the projects. Louie tries to explain that they won’t stop supplying Leon (the projects) just because of their rift. Deon verbally disrespects Louie before Jerome has her leaves. The two OGs have a man to man discussion. Deon is adamant that he’s going to kill Leon. Jerome honestly doesn’t understand what it will change if he does. He tries to explain to Deon that the game is changing and the younger guys don’t have a sense of code, ethics or respect. Jerome mentions that they’re a dying breed but Deon doesn’t agree and says Jerome is in that boat alone. After Deon departs, Jerome does the same thing without letting Louie know where he’s going. He ends up at his friend Clyde’s repair shop. While there, Jerome and Clyde (Omar J. Dorsey) reminisce about the old days and reflect on their current states. It’s obvious that Jerome admires how Clyde was able to escape the game and was able to do something productive. While the old friends are talking, Clyde notices a car that happens to drive by multiple times as if they’re watching Jerome. He lets him know and Jerome promptly grabs an uzi out of his trunk. Clyde politely tells Jerome that he can’t be involved with what he has going because he has a family waiting for him to come home at night. Although Jerome was upset, he knew Clyde was right and leaves at his friends request. The last time we see Jerome in this episode, he’s sitting outside on his newly repaired car drinking Crown Royal. In a seemingly symbolic move, Jerome throws his pager in the trash. Does this signal that Jerome wants out of the game? If so, will he be able to make it out alive? How will Louie react to her husband wanting to quit cold turkey? Drop your thoughts on the fifth episode of Season 6 in the comments and share your predictions for next week too!