Make A Deal With The Devil: ‘Snowfall’ Season 6 Episode 7 Recap

Source: Ray Micksaw / FX

Following the unfortunate death of Jerome (Joseph Amin), it seems that every character on FX’s Snowfall is in limbo. In this episode which is titled ‘Charnel House,’ we see how the death affects everyone. Franklin (Damson Idris) and Teddy (Carter Hudson) also inch closer and closer to coming face to face.

The episode begins with Franklin, Louie (Angela Lewis) and Leon (Isaiah John) at a funeral home. Franklin orders him to care of the body without reaching out to the police. As the mortician is about to take Jerome’s body to the back, Louie becomes very hysterical. Eventually, Leon drives her to her home. Louie turns down Leon’s requests to stay there with her and also mentions how “the war is over” when he asks if she wanted him to reach out to Buckley (Brandon Jay McLaren). She is clearly still in complete shock from everything that has transpired in the last day. As she’s wallowing in her pain, she gets a visit from Cissy, who comes to urge Louie that this all has to stop. After Louie blames everything that’s happened on Franklin, Cissy reminds her that they all have played a part in it and that no one will leave with clean hands. Louie makes it clear that she has nothing else to lose since she’s lost everything she cares about (Jerome). After having nightmares about the events that had taken place, Louie frantically drives over to apartments Skully (DeAndre Bonds) lives in. She seeks guidance and spiritual advice from the once troubled man. He says that although he thinks about getting revenge every day, his girl and his daughter just won’t let him. The next day, Louie visits a childhood friend named Egypt. As Egypt bathes her, the two reminisce about their younger years. Louie shares a couple stories that help explain how she became the woman she is today, including one about her being sexually assaulted by multiple men at the same time. In the midst of their conversation, Louie gets a page from Teddy. When she returns his call, he says that he wants to meet up with her. When the two meet, Teddy asks Louie to lead him to Franklin. She tells him that Jerome is dead (This seems to scare the hell out of Teddy) and it’s Franklin’s fault. She tells Teddy that she just wants to bury Jerome in peace but after the funeral, she’ll do whatever he wants in regards to getting Franklin.

Franklin returned back to the projects to give his mother and Wanda (Gail Bean) an update. Before he could even tell her, Cissy (Michael Hyatt) knew that something was wrong. It’s obvious that she’s had enough. This is evident by the her shrugging Franklin’s hand off of her shoulder as he tries to console her. His mother forgiving him isn’t at the forefront of Franklin’s mind though. He asks Leon to borrow $500,000 (remember he told Gustavo he’d give him one million dollars if he helps him locate Teddy) and of course his best friend obliges. Similarly to how Louie couldn’t sleep and had nightmares, Franklin experienced the same thing. Luckily for him, Veronique (Devyn A. Tyler) was there to keep him calm and remind him that there’s a plan in place that they’re carrying out.

After seemingly getting Ruben (Alejandro Edda) out of his hair, Teddy is now fully focused on Franklin. While with Parissa (Tiffany Lonsdale) at a rented home, he gets a visit from Julia (Peta Sergeant), who doesn’t seem to be amused with his actions. Julia is there to find out what’s going on between Teddy and Franklin. Teddy tells her that he seized ill gotten gains on the behalf of the United States government. Her response is simple. After reading his entire life, she tells him to give Franklin his money back. She continues by saying if he doesn’t fix the situation, she’ll do it herself in the form of a public execution (it sounds like she would expose his identity and everything he’s been doing). Ironically enough, as Teddy deals with everything he has going on, there are bigger problems that he can’t see. His higher ups are realizing how much potential trouble continuing the operation could cause and are considering pulling the plug on everything.

Time is really running out for our man Gustavo (Sergio Peris-Mencheta). While he and Xiamara (Joey Marie Urbina) are sleeping, they hear a sound coming from the living room. When Gustavo goes to check it out, he is shocked to see that Ruben has broken into their home. Ruben tells Gustavo that he wants him to take the shipment of cocaine they’re supposed to be getting and hide it at the warehouse so that Teddy can arrive and they can arrest him. Gustavo agrees to help him but only if the KGB can move his family and get them some money (similar to the same deal he made with Franklin). Before he leaves, Ruben urges Gustavo to not make him hurt anyone and reminds him that none of the terms of their deal are negotiable. Feeling like they’re in over their heads, Xiamara recommends that her and Gustavo end their relationship. Gustavo reluctantly agrees. Later on in the episode, Gustavo meets with Franklin and informs him about everything that’s been going on with the KGB and DEA. Franklin assures Gustavo that he can buy him another day with the DEA, but he needs Teddy ASAP. The two agree that Teddy will be able to smell a trap, so Franklin tells Gustavo that he’ll have to make Teddy think he’s the one who actually set him up.

Earlier in the season, Wanda expressed how she didn’t want to come back to Los Angeles. It’s obvious to see why considering the fact that since her and Leon have been back, things have been complete chaos. Wanda returns home and alerts Leon that she is leaving the projects. She explains that in a perfect world, they would be in Ghana raising a family but instead, Leon is getting ready for a war (My boy had plenty ammo on the table). Wanda claims that she sees them headed to the same grave Jerome is about to get and she’s ready to change direction. Leon tries to reassure her that he has to straighten out a few things and then he can pass the projects along to the next man. Unfortunately, Wanda doesn’t buy it. As she’s preparing to leave, Wanda gets some good news from Cissy. She tells Wanda that there’s probably an apartment she can live in at one of their buildings and offers her the position she currently holds at the shelter.

The episode ends with Jerome’s somber funeral. Wanda expresses that she’s scared and she can’t help but to think about losing Leon. Although he tells her that he’s right there with her, she reminds him that Jerome was just right there with Louie a couple days ago. We also can’t ignore the look Skully gave to Einstein (Kamron Alexander). I have a bad feeling that Skully might relapse to his old self and try to get revenge on Leon for killing his daughter a few seasons back. How will things play out for Leon and Wanda? That’s just a prediction though. Franklin tells Gustavo to make sure he comes to the repast because he has come good news for him. What could it be? Buckley shows up to the funeral and lies to Louie’s face about Jerome paging him the day of the incident. Deon (Quincy Chad) seems to be over the fight he and Leon got into. He asks Leon if they killed the people who did this to Jerome and Leon responds yes. After everyone was had paid their respects, only Franklin and Louie remained. Louie asks him why he came back for her. He tells her that he was raised to respect women and he wouldn’t have been able to live with himself if he left her there with Kane (Devaughn Nixon). When she asks is that the only reason, he says no. He reminds her that she made a promise to him in the warehouse and he needs all the help he can get. He’s of course talking about her telling him that she could get him Teddy. Louie tells Franklin that he is the devil to which he replies “I know.” What a chilling scene. Will Louie help Teddy or will she help Franklin? Only three episodes left in the series! Drop your thoughts on the sixth episode of Season 6 in the comments and share your predictions for next week’s episode!