Fan Reactions: If Jesus Deantae Christ Were A Person, He Would Look Like Frank Ocean Today

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Frank Ocean reemerged on social media with a new look ahead of headlining Coachella next month. Fans quickly took to Twitter to share their honest reactions to his photo, which shows him with fully formed locs and a scruffy beard. Check out fan reactions inside.

Fans have not heard much from Ocean since his 2016 album Blonde, which cemented his as one of this centuries’ greatest artists. In 2020, he called off the release of vinyl with an unnamed new song that was once available to preorder due to Covid. Many of Frank’s loyal fans believed the artist had quit music all together, but news of him headlining one of the largest music festivals in April has his following even more thrilled. Festival co-founder Paul Tollett previously revealed that Frank Ocean would headline Coachella 2023 after the pandemic forced the cancellation of the 2020 edition, which the singer was scheduled to headline.

Things are back in motion for the beloved singer and songwriter, and naturally, he popped into the Metaverse to say hello. It wasn’t the look fans were anticipating from the hot 35 year old. Many fans believe he may have taken it back to B.C. days with a look inspired by God’s only son, Jesus. Other fans are just happy to see his beautiful face on the Internet.

With no idea where Frank’s been or what motivated the new look, the bigger picture is that “he’s still…here.” Fans can get pumped up for the singer’s performance at Coachella’s festival grounds April 14-April 23.

Check out fan reactions of Frank Ocean’s new look below:

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