‘Abbott Elementary’ Star Janelle James Joined Samsung & Brit +Co For #DropTheFilter Panel Discussion

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In a world where authenticity and true connection is hard to come by, Samsung and digital lifestyle brand Brit + Co hosted a panel discussion encouraging attendees to #DropTheFilter. The panel featured “Abbott Elementary” star Janelle James, author and reporter Darian Symone Harvin and entrepreneur Alexa Rose Carlin. Read more about the event inside.

The #DropTheFilter panel event took place Wednesday (Feb. 22) at the Galaxy Experience Space in San Francisco. The panelists included actor and comedian James, author and beauty reporter Harvin and founder of Women Empower X and #TeamGalaxy member Alexa Rose Carlin. The thought-provoking panel discussion explored how we show up on and offline. Panelists shared valuable perspectives on how to seamlessly share your authentic self with your network.

When discussing the role imposter syndrome plays in being able to show up authentically online, James jokingly states, “I’d like to rebrand imposter syndrome. I scammed my way into this, it feels more intentional.”

In an effort to break down the barriers between our digital and physical selves, the conversation highlighted insights from these acclaimed personalities and touched on tools, such as the newest Galaxy S23 Smartphone series, that seamlessly create and share raw, authentic content.

Carlin shared how technology and the use of her Galaxy S23 smartphone has helped her grow her brand.

“I used my phone as a connection to the world and that’s such a powerful thing,” Carlin shares during the event. “Even if I’m not feeling motivated, I’m still showing up for myself and not giving up. As I was showing up for myself, I went from like five viewers to thousands of viewers.”

Harvin adds more on how technology has played a role in the beauty industry saying, “In some way, shape or form, our thoughts around filters and technology have made us fiercely question beauty standards. I think it’s pushed standards we’ve already had forward, but also has allowed a lot of us to question and create what we don’t see from filters.”

There are still a few days left to visit the Galaxy Experience Space, which is  a 3-story immersive experience that showcases Samsung’s latest technology. Chedck it out until Feb. 25 in San Francisco.

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