YehMe2’s ‘HAHAHA’ Is No Joke

There’s nothing we love at FUXWITHIT more than OG trap. Pounding 808s, punchy percs, and the raw hip hop energy that feels like it’s on steroids. Bringing the sound back once again is one of the genre’s forefathers YehMe2. Built around maniacal laughter, ‘HAHAHA’ feels right at home before Halloween but is assured slap regardless of what the calendar says. The first drop is pure vocal chops, drums, and 808s. What more could you need? Well a brain-bending synth serves as a nice addition, ratcheting this one up even further. Oh and that’s just the first half. The back half switches the style up further, mixing and matching the elements and dropping in a few surprises. Don’t let the title fool you, ‘HAHAHA’ is no joke. YehMe2 is back to the trap and we couldn’t be happier.