Xotix Recruits Major Heavy-Hitters For Their ‘Fresh The Remixes’ EP

Xotix‘s Fresh EP was a work of beauty filled with hard-hitting sound design, powerful drums, and an experience you’ll always remember that will open up a new doorway for their vision. Completely elevating their skills higher than ever, it’s time to revisit the EP, this time with brand new twists and turns. Fresh The Remixes EP pays respect to the original body of work while turning things up a notch, bringing even more energy and heat to your sound systems. Ready to blow you away one by one, they recruited some crazy talented musicians within the scene to add their own special flair and spice.

Within this remix package, artists including bd hbt, KUREI, GLASSPVCK, and ASHEZ have all made special appearances to not only bless the originals but also showcase their own evolutions through heart-pounding frequencies. Massive bass lines, groovy rhythms, and fun sample selections—each remix comes with different characteristics complementing the artists themselves while honoring Xotix’s hard work to the highest degree.

For example, bd hbt and KUREI’s remix of ‘Fresh’ will completely blow you away from its suave and wavy rhythmic structure. Combining fun percussive leads with tribalistic drums teleports the listener into a whole new space. While WONKYWILLA’s remix of ‘Pit’ completely throws you for a loop around the sun thanks to his own Dubstep touch, gnarly bass sounds, and of course, ground shaking drums to tie it all together. It’s a pack of gems that keeps on giving with every listen. Making the audience come back time and time again. Everyone absolutely killed it. So make sure to show your utmost support by streaming Fresh The Remixes EP everywhere!

Xotix · Fresh The Remixes