WHIPPED CREAM Pays Homage to Her Inner ‘CHILD’ In Emotional New Release

Electronic music (especially EDM) has certainly developed a reputation over the years, from its “trendy” nature to its constant upbeat rave culture. When electronic artists drop a “new extremely emotional track,” it’s not usually something I find particularly resonant. Listeners are often left searching for emotion in overt, loud, bass drops and snappy samples that often feel more mechanical than morose, still designed for a dancing audience.  However, WHIPPED CREAM’s new single, ‘Child’ pays homage to a solemn and introspective life, through delicate delineation that is authentic, meaningful, and feels as if it comes from HER. 

Fresh off her rousing Coachella performance and other triumphant and boisterous releases ‘Cry’ and ‘Hold Up’ (with Big Freedia, Moore Kismet, UNIIQQU3), this new track reigns in the pomp for something more personal.

Speaking on the track, WHIPPED CREAM says it is, “a song about the little kid inside of you before you were told ‘no.’ The vision behind the record is that of a little kid playing in the rain in puddles, in mud, wearing bright clothes, grateful for every moment and just enjoying the NOW, and nothing matters in their mind. The vision of the song is to get to that feeling as an adult, live in the now, don’t worry about what others think say or do and just be free.”

The music video itself shows an incredibly intimate between WHIPPED CREAM’s childhood and adulthood. Born Caroline Cecil, the artist had once trained to be a professional figure skater until a severe injury. While this was what started her career as WHIPPED CREAM, the video shows Cecil enjoying this part of her life in a stunning figure skating video filmed in Lake Louise. 

“This video was months of preparation in training in Vancouver ice rinks to be able to come back out on the ice to give the performance that is CHILD,” she adds.

It’s a monumental moment of self-reflection that WHIPPED CREAM is willing to share, laying an intimate part of her life bare. It also serves as an homage to fans to enumerate their own personal growth, delve into their own pasts, and seek solitude in the intimate parts of their own inner ‘CHILD’. 

As a track, the drum n bass production is dripping with nostalgia, from the vintage-sounding snares, distant keys, and arpeggiated synth that explodes at the song’s height. Its lyrics are self-fulfilled and confident in the ways that she has grown, a quiet affirmation. A testament to the ways that power can be heard in small, delicate moments. 

Listen to ‘CHILD’ now and find it on your preferred streaming service here.