PREMIERE: Matroda & Bleu Clair Got The ‘PWR’ To Make You Move With Their Irresistible Collaboration

Both highly established artists in the music industry today, Matroda and Bleu Clair are names who have contributed to revolutionizing house music one groovy beat at a time. Incorporating powerful vocal melodies and enticing basslines which cannot keep listeners contained as they are urged to get on their feet and let these talented producers do what they do best, Matroda and Bleu Clair have continued to push their sound forward and there is no stopping them this year. Proving once again that they have all the ‘PWR’ to make you move no matter what time of the day it is, Matroda and Bleu Clair are teaming up with an energetic collaboration filled with sonic soundscapes to allow listeners to let loose on the dancefloor this festival season.

Premiering exclusively with FUXWITHIT, Matroda, and Bleu Clair ignite the track with a constant flow of uplifting vocals alongside melodic instrumentals to keep you locked in until the end. Summer is calling to all you house lovers who are in need of a new track to vibe out to on the patio as Matroda and Bleu Clair have all the ‘PWR’ to keep you grooving as vibrant chimes and low-tempo frequencies balance the unforgettable vocals in the track. A truly addictive track that will definitely be played on repeat this summer, Matroda and Blue Clair bless fans with the ideal amount of solid basslines along with a side of funk.

Listen below and be sure to presave it now for the official release tomorrow (5/11).

MATRODA · Matroda X Bleu Clair – PWR