Wax Motif Showcases His Impeccable Sound Design With Vibrant Single ‘Koalack’ – FUXWITHIT

If there is one thing we know for sure, eclectic artist Wax Motif is making his own waves in the music industry and there is no stopping this legend in action. With a series of releases including ‘Thank You’ and his most recent ‘Come Again,’ Wax Motif has been taking over the house music scene and we could not be happier with the outcome. Providing a taste of his upcoming ‘HARD STREET’ EP, this legend has the clear ability to further evolve his sound design and his recent tunes have just proven why everyone needs a taste of his music in their lives. Now, taking his signature sound to the next level, Wax Motif is showcasing his impeccable sound design with his vibrant single ‘Koalack.’

I made this song while I was on holiday in Tulum, and it’s not the usual club banger that you’d expect from me, but I really wanted to have songs on the album for all occasions. This one is for the vibes.

Spreading all those good vibes throughout the world with the release of ‘Koalack,’ Wax Motif incorporates the use of kick drums and clave percussions alongside a beautiful backdrop of chord progression. As the majestic vocals gently guide listeners into a breathtaking melody of sonic soundscapes and a choppy house beat that flows immaculately, Wax Motif’s attention to detail in ‘Koalack’ does not go unnoticed. Taking a breath of fresh air as Wax Motif’s shifting percussions and natural presentation of the beat provide listeners a sense of relaxation throughout the single, the uplifting, yet soft melody resembles the producer’s adaptability to any genre he works his magic on.