Wahid Builds His Legacy on 2-Track 'What's In A Name?' EP – FUXWITHIT

seeyousoon supergroup member Wahid is breaking off from the pack in his latest release, What’s In A Name?,  where the rapper introduces himself in two tracks, ‘AKA’ and ‘WAHID.’ Having opened for the likes of Vince Staples, Saba, KRS one, and more, Wahid utilizes this EP as a chance to allow people to get to know him, as his own person, through his sonic storytelling.

‘AKA’ starts with the titular question, “What’s in a name, bro? Can you tell me n****?” Like others in the rap game who others “made us think our name was worthless,” Wahid continues to prevail. In the second verse, he stands up for himself, spitting, “Was always told that my birth name was somewhat a leader / Jolting heights of Jericho like I’m Dominique in 87.” Through his fluid flows, he proves people should, in fact, put respect on his name, and praises God for his blessings. And his faith isn’t something he holds back on. The lyricist boasts “ONLY GOD IS GREAT.” in all of his social media bios.

Following suit, with his eponymous track, Wahid persists with his silky-smooth bars and prayers for other Black folks who are experiencing injustice. The intricate inflections in his words create a dynamic and unpredictable flow that puts his artistry on full display. His references to The Bible and Black history add another layer that not only give you an idea of his vast knowledge, but also his strong moral beliefs.

While a religious conviction isn’t something new for hip-hop, it seems like keeping the faith has been a central theme as of late. It isn’t surprising, given the climate of apathy people have been showing others during the pandemic, or during BLM’s resurgence in 2020. But in What’s In A Name? Wahid uses his voice and his own legacy to be strong, outspoken, poetic, and empathetic to the world around him.