vide Covers The Underground With 'rain' – FUXWITHIT

Production master, vide has blessed us all with something special. His brand new EP, rain will expand your mind to the fullest degree. Filled with thick bass lines, leads and impactful drums, he’s taken his production to whole other realm with this. No surprise because he’s been killing it within the underground. Filling your souls with distorted ear candy with each release. Nothing but inspiring to see how far this artist has come. And now he’s back and better than ever. He even recruited heavy hitter, saka in on the vision to make the project even crazier. So if you’re a fan of gritty trap music, you definitely won’t want to miss out on this.

The rain EP is filled with many unique and stylish characteristics. Right from the start of the project, you’re transported into a jungle filled with mysteries and treasures waiting to be discovered. And a strange and enticing ritual waiting to be fulfilled. vide did not play around when creating these gems. Each track is different from the last but still holds his signature flame. From his track, ‘rituals,’ holding distorted bass lines which will make your heads spin, to a song called ‘ruins,’ which is more of a vibe filled pleasure, it’s easy to say he’s taken himself out of his comfort zone, and into a brand new light for which he’s excelling with his production. Every sound and second will leave your mouth open with satisfaction and inner grace. Telling you his efforts paid off truly. It’s a journey for all bass lovers to embark on. Leaving them off with something different and greater from their previous expectations.

Make sure to go support vide and his high-energy art by streaming his rain EP everywhere!