REMNANT.exe Molds A New Future With 'Singularity' – FUXWITHIT

For years, REMNANT.exe has been pushing a brand new wave of sound to the spectrum. Channeling his inner cyberpunk, he’s managed to impress and amaze his peers and listeners with mind-bending atmospheres and sound design. Not to mention his attention to detail. Which is clearly unmatched. And now he’s traveling to the distant future faster than ever with his newest single, ‘Singularity.’ Making his debut on Sable Valley, he wanted to make it truly special. Along with this exciting new step, he’s also released a mini mix for the esteemed label as well to give you a feel of who he is as an artist! So strap in your seatbelts, and let REMNANT.exe take you on a journey like never before.

‘Singularity’ is a trippy and gorgeous work of art. It showcases how he’s evolved over the years as a musician and continues to rise to the top. Right from the beginning, it’s as if we’re hearing the score to a blockbuster hit movie. Painting a picture of a future utopia. With a plot so in-depth, you’d have to listen to it over and over again to catch those missing details. From haunting atmospheres, to gritty bass lines, this is basically a whole festival within itself. And once he introduces those drums, it’ll knock you off your feet into the movie he’s created through sound. Everything comes together in a beautiful fashion and harmonizes all together perfectly. So if you love abstract pieces and want a taste of what the future has to offer, this is the track for you.

Make sure to go support REMNANT.exe by streaming ‘Singularity’ everywhere! And stay tuned for what’s next from him. We’re excited to see where his journey takes him next.