UHNK's Latest Will Have You Reaching 'New Levels' – FUXWITHIT

Hot on the scene boasting some of the plumpest productions on the market, Alex Saldana, also known by Uhnk, is a producer that lets his work speak for himself. Molding a stylistically gritty concoction of a diverse array of genres, he’ll leave your dopamine receptors firing at maximum capacity, ecstasy for the mind in the form of fresh frequencies. His debut EP DIY Reality, was a bright stand-out among the early bass music releases of the year, of which we had the great pleasure of premiering the major stand-out ‘This Finger.’ Now, Uhnk bounds back with yet another piping hot piece that’s practically an audible performance booster in the form of ‘New Levels.’

From the moment ‘New Levels’ reaches 0:01, your speakers will be purring like a feline receiving only the freshest of head-rubs. The top-tier level of production is no surprise, as this piece is a delicacy on the ears, sporting a robust fullness and wild vocals that will abduct your body for as long as it’s gracing the airwaves. The vocal sample “it’s a revolution, it’s a movement” proudly showcases his agenda; making people move using solely noise. With many more future releases already planned, Uhnk should surely turn into a crowd favorite among the bass music community sooner rather than later. Check out ‘New Levels’ for yourself below!