TWERL And Heimanu Guide Listeners Into The Future Of The Unknown With 'Night Rider' – FUXWITHIT

TWERL is a name many recognize in the music industry. A man of many talents indeed, TWERL has not only become widely known for his innovative sound design but for his ability to cross multiple genres flawlessly. Continuing to showcase his diversified sound, TWERL has returned alongside Heimanu to take listeners on a euphoric journey fueled with futuristic twists and unexpected bass signatures. For all those ready to be guided into the future of the unknown, you can trust two of Australia’s finest producers with the release of ‘Night Rider.’

Cruising with TWERL and Heimanu, the journey starts off with echos of distorted vocals intertwined with high-pitched frequencies which get stronger along the way. With elements of surprise clearly in these producers’ favor, listeners are welcomed into the beauty of melodic bass. As the tempo begins to slowly rise, TWERL and Heimanu begin to shift levels which resembles these producer’s sonic adaptability. Riding through the sound of the future, hints of captivating vocals phase in and out which provide a sense of euphoria to the listener. Unarguably the perfect fit for Dark Machine Records, TWERL and Heimanu share:

“When ShockOne told us he was starting a new label, we knew we had the perfect track. ‘Nightrider’s’ dark and moody tone sounded like it would be a great fit for Dark Machine Records.”