Tsu Nami Floats Over An Ocean Of Wonder With 'Easy To Love' – FUXWITHIT

Expressing her elegant and priceless talents, Tsu Nami has blessed us all with her newest single, ‘Easy To Love.’ A gorgeous and funky ocean of dreams. Filled to the top with sweet and bubbly ear candy flowing throughout your hearts. Shining a brand new light over her constant evolution while showcasing pure love and adoration for music as a whole. And since this is her second time releasing on bitbird, she made sure to give this piece all of her energy.

Her flexible discography of riches has shaped her into one of the most unique musicians in the scene. Pushing new sounds left and right and exposing her audience to fresh new elements. There’s truly something for everyone who’s looking for forward-thinking ideas. From peaceful future bass, groovy house, to even some crazy trap music, there’s no limit to her outstanding abilities within production. And to top it all off, she even creates her own artwork for her tracks. Adding another layer of inspiration for many. With this next stride in her career, she’s taking it a step further and serving us a whole new soundscape to add to her list of priceless artifacts.

‘Easy To Love’ takes things to a whole new level. Perfect for those bright and sunny days where everything is full of life and prospering. The disco-style surrounding completely puts a smile on your face as the track flows like a group of waves. Making their way towards a new beginning. From well-crafted drums, to an angelic vocal moving with grace, you’ll find yourself replaying this track over and over again due to its colorful and peaceful personality. Paying homage to her journey as a musician and giving back to her audience with every second. You’ll even hear some wind instrumentation in the background which fills up space to its full potential. It’s a beautifully crafted work of art. An endless cycle of melodic perfection. Making this one of her best tracks to date. We’re very excited to see and hear where she goes next. For now, make sure to go support by streaming ‘Easy To Love’ everywhere via bitbird!

bitbird · Tsu Nami – Easy To Love