TroyBoi Drops First Track Of 2022 ‘Never Felt This Way’

2022 has been a quiet year for TroyBoi in terms of new music. While 2021 saw a number of releases from his Justin Bieber collaboration, to standouts like ‘Buss It’ and his incredible V!BEZ Vol. 4 EP, this year fans have been eagerly anticipating his first drop. The wait is finally over as TroyBoi has blessed us with ‘Never Felt This Way.’ The track explores a heavier and wonkier side of his sound while weaving through his signature style throughout. The opening is cinematic and slow-burning, as the vocals are added it deepens the emotional appeal. The sense of serenity is gradually replaced by a gritty bassline that drifts in preparing us for the drop. When it hits it’s straight murderous. Dark, filthy, aggressive, and room-filling. TroyBoi’s signature percussion and panning up the ante while the stunning break and outro add to the complexity, taking it beyond your standard banger.

TroyBoi never misses and ‘Never Felt This Way’ proves that yet again.