thook Establishes Beat-Making Dominance With 'THE MIRROR FILES' EP – FUXWITHIT

We’ve said it countless times before but we’ll say it again: thook is one of the greatest beat-makers out right now. From his quintessential trap beats to more experimental pieces such as ‘CARBON‘ alongside JKuch and ‘Vertigo‘ with Pigeon Hole, the Toronto-based artist has consistently demonstrated his ability to push electronic music to unexplored territories, all while remaining true to his distinct sound. Among his best works are his minimal yet ominous and soul-penetrating trap ballads, and we’re inclined to state that his latest project titled THE MIRROR FILES falls right into that category.

THE MIRROR FILES is a brief, three-track piece that will have listeners in awe for its entirety showcasing thook at his finest. The opening track, ‘threat of invisibility,’ is an epic exhibition of genius minimalism using a Middle Eastern-inspired flute lead throughout that will send goosebumps down your spine, before thook creates a flawless back-and-forth with a crisp violin, all layered over pristine percussive elements. The following song, ‘cold as fucking ice,’ contains all the information one needs in its title. Again using a melody to drive a sinister ambiance, thook gradually builds the track one layer at a time to allow listeners to fully appreciate its beauty. Closing out the project is ‘TOPP,’ where thook pairs old-school trap horns with his signature top-layer to deliver a knocking 105-second banger.

THE MIRROR FILES is a cohesive project displaying thook’s innate production mastery. Don’t miss it.