théos Shares 'tales' Of High Lasting Beauty – FUXWITHIT

Soaring down from the heavens, théos is here once again to bring balance to the universe. His newest track, ‘tales’ is a soft spoken vibe of pure heart and soul. Gently touching your aura in a gorgeous fashion. Taking you to a brand new atmosphere, discovering new wonders. His music has his listeners shaking with excitement and heart-wrenching emotion. Each piece contains a feeling like no other. Giving anyone who comes in contact with his art a sense of relaxation and rebirth. And now with this newest release, he’s taking it to the experimental range once again. This will surely be a treat to admire.

‘tales’ contains driving characteristics of mystery and awe. Giving it an ominous yet bubbly feeling. From the lush and active arp in the background, to some pounding drums breaking through walls, you can easily hear the passion and strive for success within this piece. Every section embraces its own attitude and soul to the highest point. Not to mention how silk and smooth the rhythm is. Giving the track a pushing force of light-heartedness. While painting a soft and impactful picture within your head. It’s a true lullaby for all life forms in the universe. théos really went all out on this one. Creating a track that shall last throughout the ages. So make sure to go support this legend by streaming and downloading ‘tales.’ Also, he’s even dropping a couple sample packs along the way. So stay tuned for his announcement!

théos · tales