'BREATHE' Again With New PAV4N Track – FUXWITHIT

Today we’re hyped to bring a rapper you should have on your radar. PAV4N is making his way (virtually) across the pond with his new track, ‘BREATHE,’ produced by Sonnyjim and My Cousin Vinnie. The song is out now on 4NC¥ (Foreign Currency), a global platform and network for groundbreaking musicians and visual artists.

Who is PAV4N? Just one of the first Indian emcees to have worldwide recognition. He first garnered notoriety with his hip-hop and dubstep group, Foreign Beggars. Topping the UK charts, being name-checked at the Grammys, and playing at international festivals are just a few accolades we can think of for the band. So we know that this is just the beginning for PAV4N.

‘BREATHE’ is a great start to your journey into PAV4N’s discography. Its psychedelic production is the perfect backdrop to his introspective and comforting streams of consciousness. The track’s musicality can’t be matched, featuring vintage samples and a sexy saxophone to bring ‘BREATHE’ to completion. With a year into a worldwide pandemic, everyone needs to listen to this song so they can ‘breathe… relax, take time, let the whole thing lapse.’

Listen to PAV4N – ‘BREATHE’ and enjoy the song’s full experience by watching the music video below.

4NC¥ · PAV4N – BEATHE produced by Sonnyjim & My Cousin Vinne