Player Dave And FLY Channel The Power Of 'Boundless Perception' – FUXWITHIT

Player Dave is a highly skilled and diverse musician who can take any genre and make it his own. His airy and harmonic sound design will have you on your knees with praise. As for FLY, his unique and jaw-dropping ways of manipulating sound to its core will have the audience shaking. Both musicians are quite known to take your breath away in every sense. And now they’ve come together for a gorgeous new single called, ‘Boundless Perception.’ To celebrate his upcoming album, Where The Wind Blew Me, Player Dave decided to give us a taste of what we can expect. And it does not disappoint. To see these two come together for such a momentous step is quite exciting.

‘Boundless Perception’ is a trip through time and space. The way they incorporate all of their heightened and hidden talents all together is so inspiring and pleasing to hear. From psychedelic bass melodies, to a heavenly atmosphere, you can feel yourself flying through the wonders of sound and structure. Trying to grasp every bit of knowledge these two have portrayed. It’s a calming wave of nostalgia and new-age elements. Waiting to tell us what we’re in store for the future. Combining the natures of peace and destruction through each note will have you lost in thought. You’ll be one with their intricate creativity. Discovering what you thought was lost within yourself, and coming out as someone who’s much stronger. It’s an uplifting piece of art that will truly inspire up and comers for years to come. A perfect way to give us an idea for Player Dave’s upcoming body of work.

So if you love abstract art, then this is the single for you. Make sure to support these two by streaming ‘Boundless Perception’ everywhere. And also don’t forget to pre-save Where The Wind Blew Me for the future. You won’t regret it.

Player Dave · Player Dave & FLY – Boundless Perception