Lose Yourself In RefraQ & Vorso's New Sonic Odyssey – FUXWITHIT

Not infrequently I find myself thinking how cool it would be to have soundtracks designed specifically for books. Not just background music, but something tailor-made for what you’re actually reading. Imagine being immersed in the pages of a compelling novel and having music in your ears that follows word by word, chapter by chapter, the unfolding of the storyline. If this seems a bit exaggerated to you, then think about how cool it would be to find QR codes in certain points of the book that would lead you to music able to emphasize that particular passage.

Okay, maybe I better stop daydreaming! As long as all this remains in my imagination, I have to do it myself and manually find tracks that match what I read. An arduous challenge you’d think? I have to admit, not so much,  especially when the right song literally falls out of the sky. For example, I’m now dealing with a rereading of Homer’s Odyssey and, almost moved by divine will, this brand new opus by Vorso and RefraQ has landed in my dms. Against all odds, it turned out to be a perfect combination. If for some strange reason you are not familiar with the epic poem, to keep it simple, you have to know that it is a long story of travel, exploration and continuous discovery. Likewise, ‘Biomes’ offers us a whole new world to explore. In some sections, you run into labyrinthine, complex, intricate soundscapes. In others, you find serene and touching atmospheres. Whether you prefer one or the other, RefraQ and Vorso give us only genuine emotions which become more vivid with each listen. This track has a life of its own. It comes from outer space and cannot be compared to a good ninety percent of the music I normally listen to. Now that I think about it, isn’t this the definition of a masterpiece?

‘Biomes’ is out on Inspected and you can stream in below or on your favorite platform here.