$teev, hélix and knick Open A Path To New Beginnings With 'Vermillion' – FUXWITHIT

Prepare for an atmospheric treat. $teev, hélix and knick have joined forces on a beat so fire filled, you’ll forget about the Winter season completely. These musicians are a dangerous force to reckon with. Each artist has their own style of complete madness in regards to production quality and thought. Combing their nasty 808’s, drums and overall flare is an exhilarating experience. Making you want to dive into each of their other works to admire. The single even has a beautiful style artwork by choko kid. Painting a picture inside the listener’s mind. So turn on your best headphones or monitors to gain first class tickets on their flight to the outer realm.

‘Vermillion’ is a fresh and heavy group of sounds and vibes. From the beginning with an orchestral feel to hook the listener in, to the stunning chorus consisting of impactful drums and colorful elements to compliment their styles as one. Nothing feels rushed, and everything comes together in unison. Keeping the song flowing in a consistent and stylish fashion. The subtle percussion elements really spice up the arrangement too. Making it have an intoxicating after effect. Nothing but clean and forward thinking production to say the least.

$teev, hélix and knick are all so talented and driven from their passions for music. With gaining solid fan bases and impressing many in the underground, there’s no doubt their journeys are going to skyrocket even higher in the future. And when they come together for a song like this, it’ll leave you speechless and inspired to strive harder for yourself. Make sure to support by streaming ‘Vermillion’ on SoundCloud.

$teev · Vermillion w/hélix & knick