tearsofmine Shines On 'Mirror Edge' – FUXWITHIT

If you like that gritty, hard-hitting trap shit then we have something for you. Today rising producer tearsofmine takes us to the ‘Mirror Edge.’ The producer has been making waves in the underground with his last release ‘One Time’ on Partica Artist Group, a recent set for Audius Autumn, and a fire mix for our friends at PUSH Collective. Arriving on High Peaks Collective, ‘Mirror Edge’ is a certified banger that’s peak Trap2. Blurring the lines between classic trap and more experimental tendencies, this one goes off. The vocal manipulation and carefully selected samples ranging from coughs to grunts really up the ante. The drops are murderous and skull-splitting while the track never lacks that impressive bounce. ‘Mirror Edge’ is yet another reason why you need to be keeping tabs on tearsofmine.