Sully And SuperAve. Intertwine Creative Gifts With Their 'Interflow' EP – FUXWITHIT

Contributing to the arts with whimsy and confidence, Sully and SuperAve. join forces to bring us their brand new EP, Interflow. A two-track work of gold consisting of only the finest frequencies and qualities. Delivered straight to your souls. Paying homage to a new style of teamwork they’ve created from their wonderful friendship through sound. Creating an experience like no other. And teaming up with Wakaan was nothing but a smart and exciting move. Forming even more hype and static happiness from both fan bases. Bringing everyone together.

Both names have been very prominent and praised within the industry. And their styles aren’t too far apart from each other. Which makes their workflow even more flexible and adaptable for this journey. Sully with his intricate and unique bass designs, and SuperAve. with his dangerous and monumental flows, this was a collaboration waiting to happen. And now it’s finally here. Ready to destroy massive stages anywhere you go. Truly bringing the best out of each other with every piece.

Superave. and I first got in touch over social media about 2 years ago now after a friend of mine showed me his music. We became friends instantaneously and our running joke after working together so many times is that we share the same brain when writing music. Both tracks display the blend of our sonic pallets so well and that’s generated from the chemistry we have when writing together. COUNTLESS hours went into this EP to make sure it was just right and we’re so proud of how both tracks turned out. – Sully

The Interflow EP is a tsunami of raw energy. Experimenting with brand new sounds and rhythms while implementing both of their signature styles is simply incredible. Perfectly intertwining and forming a special and innovative aura sounding the project. A blast of inspiration from beginning to end.

The first track, ‘Mug’ contains bouncy grooves, monstrous sound design, and an impeccable arrangement. Immediately sweeping you off your feet with every element exposed. Completely driving the EP into a brand new light already. Demonstrating how fluent these legends really are with their creative abilities and innovative thinking. Shining to the highest degree. Giving off feelings of perseverance and empowerment. Making each section flow smoothly with grit and might. Taking you off guard in the best ways possible.

‘Slip Up’ will make any face melt within a small radius due to its violent and destructive nature. Honoring the dubstep genre entirely while bringing new tricks to the table. Swift movements from the drums combined with classic style melodies bring back real nostalgia while setting a course to a gorgeous distant future. Combining old and new characteristics in a mighty and suave fashion. So if you’re looking for intoxicating aftershocks, hypnotic environments, and more, this is definitely the move for you. We’re very excited to see where these icons go next. For now, make sure to go stream the Interflow EP everywhere via Wakaan!