Super Snacks Label Showcase A Selection Of Singapore's Finest Producers With Their Compilation EP – FUXWITHIT

Dedicated to showcasing both local and global artists in the electronic and hip-hop scene, Super Snacks is a label that continues to consistently innovate and build a community of music lovers around the globe. With a forward-thinking approach to their releases, Super Snacks do not play around when it comes to satisfying their audience which is hungry for those fresh, yet undeniably eclectic tunes in the scene. Inspiration and diversity immediately come to mind when thinking of the label and there is no better way to celebrate with the collective besides dropping an intricate +65 REMIX VOL. 4 EP. Symbolizing the creativity and cultural unity enriched in the label, the EP features a unique lineup of Singaporean producers who have come together for a one of a kind compilation.

With the signature melodic and cutting-edge sound of the Pandasaurs which consists of non other than Perk Pietrek and Lincey, the EP launches off with a remix of SAYVERE’s ‘Roman.’ Beginning with an intense introduction of drum claps and alarming instrumentals, Panadasaurs kick it back to house music as they initiate a solid groove fueled with menacing basslines and flairs of reverberating frequencies.

To keep you guessing which producer has intertwined elements of pop and electronic music in the next single, it is award-winning producer Evanturetime. A true masterpiece insight, Evanturetime ties in an irresistible remix of ​Elsa Mickayla​’s ‘Keep Me Guessing’ which incorporates Mickayla’s powerful vocals alongside classic percussions and a filthy instrumental to get you feeling some type of way.

Feeling like exploring the ‘Scenery’ as you road trip with your best friends? We have got you covered, as Singapore-based ​Intriguant​ elevates the pop-leaning tendencies of rising talent ​YAØ​’s track. As YAØ​’s soothing vocals flow in perfect symmetry with Intriguant’s gentle sound, listeners are welcomed into these producers’ ability to seamlessly blend R&B, pop, hip-hop, and Japanese city pop into one catchy single.

Just when you thought the compilation could not get any more diverse, a calming remix from ​O$P$ on Pretty Havoc​’s ‘Goddess’ takes listeners on a journey through their futuristic sound and bedroom punk-rock stylings. Feeling as if their personalities flow concurrently throughout the single, the vibe the track entails is truly special.

​“We would like to recognize the efforts and creativity being put out on the music streaming platforms for all of us to expand not only good vibes but also the aspiration to anyone that wants to be an artist, go forth, and to be chasing your dreams.”- Jay Kwek, Label Manager

Check out the forward-thinking compilation below and stay up to date with Super Snacks here.