Sam WOLFE's Latest Venture into Techno, 'Full Moon' – FUXWITHIT

Sam WOLFE re-balances his skill set and reveals his techno edge with ‘Full Moon’.

After a slew of well received releases on Tronic and Reload, Sam WOLFE is making his first debut with ‘Full Moon’ on No Neon Records. ‘Full Moon’ isn’t a pure-bred, techno track as it seems to be with its pulsing bass, shimmering synths, and crunchy snares. Instead, its a vicious hybrid of WOLFE’s previous love, progressive house, and his shiny new adventure, techno. WOLFE’s progressive  sound is morphed in this track, and he shows it off with silky layering, a shape shifting melody, and droning, techno rhythm.

‘Full Moon’ shifts through many phases as it manifests through the speakers; the billowing bass thrashes out over  the transitions, enveloping your interest, and coaxing you into the hypnotics breaks. It’s a dark, dank club beat with the big sound that is tantalizing and all-consuming. The uniqueness and power of the track clearly come from an important time in WOLFE’s musical career as he says:

“Full Moon is a special track for me; I started right as I was transitioning away from making progressive house, and developing my techno sound. The build and second drop symbolizes my break away from progressive, into a dark & gritty vibe geared towards smashing club dance floors around the world.”

Check out ‘Full Moon’ below and keep an eye out for more enchanting techno sounds from WOLFE.