sumthin sumthin Crawls Through Your 'Nightmares' With Fierce Frequencies – FUXWITHIT

Creating a dark and dense space within your thoughts, sumthin sumthin slithers through the industry with his newest single, ‘Nightmares.’ A mind-opening experience filled to the brim with nostalgic atmospheres and gritty sound design. Taking you down a dark and lightless path of no return. An exhilarating yet soothing journey for many.

Throughout the years, the artist has created a memorable and beautiful vision for himself. His strong image through frequency has opened up many doors to an even bigger future. Working with some incredible names in the game such as Great Dane, um.. and more! His diverse catalogue of style has gifted him with the drive to work even harder than ever. And with this new piece, he’s turning things up a notch and evolving to a higher scale of richness.

‘Nightmare’ is a bone-chilling work of the future. It combines many techniques he’s learned throughout his time and creates another layer of impressiveness. Showcasing a brand new side to the project while keeping the everlasting touch of his purpose everyone has come to know and adore. From a sinister and tear-jerking introduction, to a groovy drop that amplifies your senses, the artist truly opened up an undiscovered treasure within his creativity. Forming such a catchy melody and complimenting its characteristics with unique sound design and arrangement was nothing but astonishing.

It’s a gorgeous call back to his roots while watering his state of mind to grow something timeless. Showcasing his progress within art through every second. Making you become addicted to his journey to success. Every part flows together in such a professional and star-striking fashion. Making you want to relive this pretty nightmare forever. We’re very excited to hear where he goes next. So make sure to go support by streaming ‘Nightmares’ everywhere via Jadū Dala!

Jadū Dala · sumthin sumthin – Nightmares (JADŪ165)