Blueout And ero808 Light A Path Of Lost Love With 'Embers' – FUXWITHIT

Blessing our ears with love and perseverance, Blueout and ero808 team up for their newest track, ‘Embers.’ A journey which will tend to your broken thoughts within the heart. Creating a colorful safe haven for the lost and nurturing you back to full health. Shedding a unique ray of light over the audience as they fall to their knees to their high quality creation. If you haven’t heard of these two legends, then we highly suggest checking them out. Both souls are working their hardest to touch the industry in a different and everlasting sense. And with their newest work of art, they’ve truly achieved this and much more. Sending your emotions into a realm you never felt before.

‘Embers’ is a glitch-induced field of flames. It takes both artists to undiscovered territories within their workflows. Gaining brand new techniques to cherish for a lifetime. From Blueout’s forward-thinking sound design, to ero808’s signature vocals, these two make quite a dream team. The captivating atmosphere from just the beginning brings a smile to your face as well as tears. Streaming down your face due to its haunting and gorgeous tones. Everything about this piece is pure bliss and will bless your thoughts. Even throughout your dreams. It’s a feeling which takes over your body. Covering you in chills. This is by far some of Blueout and ero808’s best work to date. Leaving you completely hypnotized from their intoxicating storytelling and execution through melody and sound. We’re excited to hear where they go on from here. So make sure to go support by streaming ‘Embers’ everywhere via Quality Goods Records!

Quality Goods Records · QGRV-006 | Blueout & Ero808 – Embers