sumthin sumthin Controls The Moon’s Cycle With His ‘Light Garden’ EP

Stepping out of the shadows with a vengeance, sumthin sumthin summons his brand new EP, Light Garden. Making a stellar mark once again with his signature sound design, upgraded storytelling, and tons of ear candy. The perfect way to start off a memorable weekend. Full of twists and turns, as well as surprises hiding around every corner. The artist really went all out on this work of art. Showcasing his finest work to date while soaring into this next chapter of success.

sumthin sumthin has been on quite a roll recently. Delivering high-quality frequencies while constantly working on what’s next for his project. Releasing killer originals as well as working with powerful entities such as Player Dave and Saka. And now, he’s skyrocketing his talents higher than ever with this most recent EP. Diving into different sides of the spectrum while always delivering his special flare.

Light Garden highlights his developed skills and techniques over the years while giving us a taste of the future of his sound. Experimenting with different environments and constantly leaving listeners in complete awe. Heart-wrenching basslines mixed with spacious atmospheres are what you’ll find throughout this project. Not to mention how impactful each piece is. Making you want to come back time and time again to catch that special melody or attribute missed within the first listen. Creating not only a memorable body of work but a timeless one to say the least.

Each track is unique but still holds the vision of the EP entirely. An impressive display of balance and range. He even came together with CloZee for a spectacular finale. Sharing the spotlight with one another and taking a bow to honor this journey and their listeners. A gorgeous way to close off this chapter and make listeners eager to hear what’s next. So for now, make sure to support his efforts and hard work by streaming his Light Garden EP everywhere via Deadbeats!