sober rob Returns To His Roots In 'Atom Mirror' – FUXWITHIT

sober rob, oshi, Pham… a brief list of names who were key in defining the rise of the future bass and trap sounds that SoundCloud explorers came to love, and that many tried to replicate over the last half-decade. Now, the torch has been passed to many others as the aforementioned artists have continued to break their respective sonic boundaries, but these talents sometimes return to their roots to remind fans where they came from, and what they are capable of doing. sober rob’s debut on NIGHTMODE titled ‘Atom Mirror’ is a perfect example of this statement.

‘Atom Mirror’ transports listeners to the glory days of SoundCloud through its vibrant energy, while keeping one grounded in the present with its futuristic textures. Wasting no time, a slow build quickly transitions into a quintessential sober rob drop lined with shimmering synths and rhythmic percussion. The idea is not extraordinarily complex, but the artist executes with a precision that is telling of his experience in the scene. With an even livelier second drop and an outro that oozes emotion, ‘Atom Mirror’ is a piece that hits in all the right places. Don’t miss it below.