Silva Changes The Seasons With 'Freeze' – FUXWITHIT

Australia’s Silva has become quite the staple in the underground trap community in recent years. Showcasing an otherworldly talent for simultaneously hyping up listeners while also firmly putting them in their feels, he’s found a steadfast home in the hearts of many. Cooking up saucy remixes like ‘Jungle‘ and ‘Mvvnlight‘, along with originals like ‘Escape’ and ‘Orchid‘, he’s touched hundreds of thousands of ears at this point, leaving each fully satiated. Now, he’s coming fresh out the ice box with his latest frosty concoction ‘Freeze.’

Feeling like the first stark-white snowfall of the season, ‘Freeze’ brings out a sense of new beginning. A fresh take on the world around you, your perspective changing much like the seasons of the Earth. With the change of seasons comes the hope that this new segment of time will be one filled with abundance and growth, with no time like the present to put your best foot forward. The production is impactful enough to keep you moving, but gently vibing back and forth is the name of the game. A light sway is all you’ll need to be fully entranced in the moment, lost in simply existing for the time being as ‘Freeze’ excites you at an atomic level. Precisely sprinkled vocal samples give it this immensely satisfying hip hop undertone that really gets the hips involved, really amping up the overall level of fun and excitement greatly. This piece is a true delight on the ears, and one I can imagine you’ll have on repeat for those late night bumps for some time to come. Check out ‘Freeze’ for yourself below!

Silva · FREEZE