PREMIERE: sebjin's 'MONITOR' Is A Thrilling Journey – FUXWITHIT

The pandemic and lockdowns have been effecting everyone differently. Some feel trapped and lost, others are becoming hyper-focused and immensely productive. Truly embodying the latter is French producer sebjin. After moving from France to Montreal earlier this, he found himself locked inside with limited options. Opting to make the most of the situation, he worked himself into a state of unbridled creation; cooking up forty tracks in the span of just a few months. With his arsenal fully stocked, the gifted producer has decided it’s due time to unleash his works with the world. Today we receive the first single entitled ‘MONITOR.’

Part social commentary, part futuristic epic, and part banger, sebjin proves yet again that his talent is only expanding. The track title draws inspiration from the current world as well exploring what a future state may look like with deepened surveillance and tracking. The opening is atmospheric and spiritual. You can feel the cobblestone streets under your feet and hear church bells in the distance. Glitchy sounds and static bring you into a modern existence. With each note the dreamlike adventure evolves and the intensity rises. Breaking a walk, you pick up the pace on a quest to elude your followers. As sirens ring and lights paint the streets you catch your breath. The finale takes that very breathe away, acting as an epic battle and immense push and pull. With a fade to black, you’ll be left wondering if you escaped and are truly free…

Stream ‘MONITOR’ below.