shortfatty, needraw And midnight alpha. Support Nature's Creatures With 'Whitetail' – FUXWITHIT

Taking their audience into a forest of healing, shortfatty, needraw and midnight alpha have joined forces for a pure classic. Their newest piece ‘Whitetail,’ shines a natural and nurturing light above life itself. It’s a pure love remedy for the broken and lost. Creating nothing but a safe and warming aura to wrap around you during the darkest and coldest of days. shortfatty with his soulful bounce, needraw contributing melodic pleasure to your ears and midnight alpha being a regular master at the keys. All of these characteristics and more that these musicians carry make a powerful outcome in the long run. Combining their raw and elegant abilities have truly touched the hearts of many. One of the reasons why this piece does not disappoint in the slightest. Quite the opposite!

‘Whitetail’ is a flower bed of riches and fresh smelling aromas. Creating a beautiful picture of a healthy forest. Filled with elegant wildlife to revive anyone’s spirits. From organic instrumentation, magical melodies and more, this has proven to be one of the most notable tracks of this year so far. Right off the bat, midnight alpha makes his opening with a tearful piano solo, while shortfatty and needraw hop in to honor and accompany his vibe. And once the track takes full fruition with their elements taking front stage, it’ll leave you with a sense of hope and joy. While grooving to their heart-wrenching rhythms and atmospheres. Completely taking over your body in the form of goosebumps. A feeling in your soul you won’t ever forget for years to come. From beginning to end, it’s a memorable journey for any music lover.

Whether you’re on a sunny beach or stuck indoors on a rainy afternoon, you’ll be sure to have your day blessed in every shape and form when you put this work of art on. So make sure to go support them all by streaming ‘Whitetail’ everywhere via Radio Juicy! We’re so excited to hear what’s next from them.

Radio Juicy ยท shortfatty & needraw – Whitetail (feat. midnight alpha.)