sebjin Continues Steady Outpour Of Consistency With 'DOCTOR' – FUXWITHIT

We mentioned this last month when we premiered ‘MONITOR,’ but it truly feels like we’ve been featuring sebjin on a monthly basis. The Montreal-based producer has taken the pandemic-induced lockdown to hone in on his craft as a producer, and has quickly evolved into one of our favourite beat-makers in the scene. From collaborations with Capshun and Chromonicci, to a plethora of knocking solo works, sebjin has consistently demonstrated a knack for making beats that slap, and today he returns with a new track titled ‘DOCTOR’ that is no exception to this statement.

With a single listen of ‘DOCTOR,’ you’ll be ailing to go to the emergency room as sebjin delivers a punchy blow right to your gut. The track is minimal and simplistic, but uses this essence to its advantage as sebjin’s magic takes center stage without being undermined by unnecessary, superfluous details. Meticulous in its arrangement and powerful with its sound, ‘DOCTOR’ gradually builds in energy as it progresses, leaving listeners ready for a second rinse as it comes to a close. sebjin knocked it out of the park once again. Don’t miss ‘DOCTOR’ below.