Savej Welcomes the Fall Equinox with Culturally Profound Album ‘Solstice’ – FUXWITHIT

A New Orleans-based producer with an exhaustive periphery of worldly, cultural, and instrumental influences Savej makes an impressionable entrance to Gravitas Recordings with the release of his six-track Solstice album. “There’s something to be said about taking a truly organic sound or instrument and digitally manipulating it with modern production techniques,” Savej reflects regarding how the project cohesively blends native flutes, tribal percussion, and throat singing with more modern production practices. “I find that the infusion of modern production with world vibes and tribal rhythms can really facilitate connection with something primordial that exists within us all,” he continues regarding how his integration of various stylistic components creates both an audible delicacy as well as a lasting impression of interconnection.

Timed perfectly on the cusp of summer in anticipation of the fall equinox, Solstice opens with impeccable groove and rhythm of the title track as Savej contrasts the deep resonating frequencies of his Kargyraa-style throat singing with a luscious melody of plucked strings. The journey deepens as the native flutes and insatiable ceremonial Peruvian whistling of ‘One Truth’ create a perfectly resonating harmony that only further highlights the nearly seamless fluidity between the project’s vast cultural components. A state of trance begins to settle in as the allure of tribal chanting further accentuates the incisive percussion intricacies of ‘Eye For An I,’ before revealing the lush melodies and spatial freedom of ‘Sirens’. The project reaches an apex of sensations at the opening of the ‘Equinox’, which carries a celebratory sensation, comprehensively blending entrancing flutes, textured throat singing, and poignant horns. ‘Vilca’ sets in as a point of reflection for the journey as the project reaches its conclusion, but the impression it has left will exist forevermore.

Take a moment to collectively celebrate the conclusion of summer, the entrance of fall, and the release of Savej’s Solstice album via Gravitas Recordings below!

Savej · Solstice