Scharame Continues Sound Overhaul With Enthralling 'Liminaal Space' – FUXWITHIT

Reinventing, or even overhauling, one’s sound is no easy task. Shifting gears can be daunting, and Scharame has seen the effects first hand. As an artist looking to drive innovation with every release, the producer opted to delete all of his past works a few months back, stating that he felt these works represented an old era of his sound, and that he was ready for something new. However, with a plethora of unreleased material waiting to see the light of day, Scharame recently recognized the importance of tracking one’s growth as an artist, and decided to re-upload his old material for all to enjoy.

Today, the talented producer looks to continue to drive his new direction to the masses with the release of ‘Liminaal Space,’ a track that builds on the style demonstrated in ‘Seven Pointer Fingers.’ The new track is an instrumental piece that gradually builds with energy and emotion, boasting quintessential Scharame sounds while simultaneously showcasing his growth as an artist. The introduction is reminiscent of an old school synthwave jam that is turned up a few notches, before ‘Liminaal Space’ grows into a full-bodied future bass bop highlighted by moving chord progressions, crisply-defined layers and stirring melodies. With a second drop that is unique and just as impactful as the first, ‘Liminaal Space’ is sure to grow on listeners and become a summer favourite.