SAYMYNAME & Henry Fong Bring The Bass House Energy With 'Ragga Rave' – FUXWITHIT

Calling all those hard-trap and bass-house enthusiasts for this one. What if we told you SAYMYNAME & Henry Fong have joined forces to light up the festival season? Yes, you read that right. While both these talented artists have pushed their distinctive sound forward with two completely different fanbases, we are in luck as both of their worlds have combined for their furiously energetic bass-house single ‘Ragga Rave’ out on Ultra Music. With SAYMYNAME easily referred to as a king of hard trap and Henry Fong an immediate name for festival anthems spanning the Caribbean and Latin sound, you know this one is about to go off just in time for the summer.

They’ve been teasing their fanbase for over a year as SAYMYNAME states, “Ragga rave has been one of the biggest tracks in my set.” SAYMYNAME and Henry Fong are breaking all musical boundaries with an intensified bassline which only continues to grow as rough vocals and a heavy build-up lead into a fury of drum claps. Dropping all the madness on the dancefloor, a contagious bass-house signature alongside shifting levels of madness takes all listeners in for an energetic journey we never knew we needed. Now, knowing SAYMYNAME he is always in there to satisfy those hard-trap lovers and this one does not disappoint as you are welcomed with a filthy drop concluding the massive collaboration on the hardest note. An unexpected collaboration indeed, SAYMYNAME and Henry Fong did not hold back to intertwine both of their production styles into one hard-hitting, yet undeniably creative single. With festival season looking strong for many countries around the world, ‘Ragga Rave’ is about to be a festival anthem for 2021.

“Really excited to finally release this record! SAYMYNAME and I have been sitting on Ragga Rave for over a year waiting for shows to return, and can’t wait to get this one out there on Ultra Music!” – Henry Fong