San Pacho Shifts Levels With ‘Pride’ As He Makes His Mark On hau5trap

Never disappointing his worldwide fanbase, San Pacho is always making the right moves in the music industry as he continues to reflect his signature emotive house elements with a side of exotic vocals to craft all the right vibes we cannot get enough of. One listen to San Pacho and you are immediately hooked, such as his vibrant collaboration with Matroda on ‘La Pasion.’ Generating a new wave in the house music industry, San Pacho is debuting his first single on hau5trap and it is absolutely immaculate.  Infused with the perfect amount of bounce and clear distortion to keep you sane until festival season approaches, ‘Pride’ by San Pacho is an absolute heater for the dancefloor.

Delivering all those heart-warming house vibes right from the start, soulful vocals, and a reverberating frequency phase in and out of the single. With a futuristic angle to ‘Pride,’ San Pacho brings all of the energy as a heavy bassline matched with the perfect amount of synths leave you wanting more. As the tempo begins to rise with a fury of drum claps and a solid melody to keep us bouncing, this one needs to be blasted on full volume. A true bass-house tune that will be played at club shows around the globe, San Pacho is making his mark yet again and we are all here for it.