Runnit Unleashes A Wonky Blast Of Energy With His Debut ‘Back Talk’ EP

Igniting an absolute atom bomb of frequencies, Runnit stuns all with his debut EP, Back Talk. An electrifying experience that will leave you shocked to the core. Not knowing what to do next, but to rewind and experience it all over again. The artist’s shining characteristics and signature style are displayed on many familiar levels while showcasing some major evolution to his sound. Groove-filled environments combined with inspirational outcomes create not only a memorable journey for the artist but his listeners as well. Giving fans what they’ve been waiting for while staying true to his vision of creating this music in general. To only have fun and not think so much about the industry standards. Be yourself and craft what you truly imagine.

But he wasn’t alone during this major process. Artists such as HerShe, Krilla, Scullion, and even Goodknight have all joined forces with Runnit to help elevate those timeless ideas. Creating a healthy blend of their styles, characteristics, and attitude to bring another veil of power to the EP’s vision. Unleashing a new type of warrior within each of them. Learning new tips, and tricks to take to their own works in the future. It’s a project such as this that really makes you smile and burst up with inspiration. So buckle up, because this five-track boost of fresh air will leave you speechless.

The Back Talk EP contains an aura of rebirth and a craving for success. From the first track to the last, you can tell how fluent the artist has grown with a huge upgrade in quality and tone. Everything you’ve come to love about the artist and more are portrayed beautifully in this set of gems. His craftsmanship of drum patterns and violent sound design truly stand out in such a shining fashion. Easily telling he took some high risks throughout the project. Showing a fearless drive for a wider and broader range of tonality. And his collaborators have done the same but through their own styles and whimsical placements. Bravo to everyone that is a part of this masterpiece. Execution is flawless. So make sure to show your support by streaming the Back Talk EP everywhere via Partica Artist Group!

Partica Artist Group · RUNNIT – THE BACKTALK EP