JAWNS Continues To Impress With ‘Body Breaker’

JAWN’s new single ‘Body Breaker‘ has finally hit streaming platforms and we couldn’t be more excited. Few names have consistently stayed at the top of their game throughout the years as JAWNS has. Through so many trends and shifts in the overall landscape of bass music, JAWNS has stayed true to a truly unique sound and direction with his project. The seasoned veteran has become a staple on RL Grime’s Sable Valley and has in turn carved his own lane within the bass music scene. With influences ranging from DnB, acid house, trap, and more, every JAWNS record always presents us with something fresh and exciting. This new single is out now on Deadbeats and is just a taste of new music we can expect from him.

Right out the gate, ‘Body Breaker’ sets the tone with a menacing underlying synth that carries the ghostly vocals throughout the intro. Soon after, we’re met with the addition of break-influenced percussion before the lead synth suddenly appears and immediately seizes the record. After a quick build up the lead synth is soon transformed into what only be described as a frightening melody paired with a devastating half-time percussion pattern. ‘Body Breaker’ seems to be more of the same from the artist. Do yourself a favor and stream it below.