Sykotix, Keeth, & $teev Emanate Star-Striking Frequencies With Their ‘HAWK & MAVRIK EP’

Surprising fans with non-stop action and atmosphere, Sykotix, Keeth, and $teev present their HAWK & MAVRIK EP. Tapping into unknown spaces and comprising soothing and gentle compositions you’ll cherish while completely showcasing their continuous skills and dedication to the arts, the trio strikes listeners’ souls with their beautifully-crafted sound design and storytelling. Together, they make this a truly memorable project.

Whenever you see either of these names, you know you’re in for a treat. Each artist is comprised of rich, endless talent and uses their gifts to bring everlasting smiles to the scene. Their easy-going and ear-pleasing creations have brought their music to many territories, creating an experience everyone around the world can enjoy. Always experimenting with new eye-opening samples and inspiring up-and-coming artists, they never back down from accomplishing their goals. So to see them all come together for this special treat is nothing but exciting!

The HAWK & MAVRIK EP is a breath of fresh air. It highlights the artists’ shining talents, working together in a crisp and gentle fashion. The project gives each other room for the spotlight while staying true to the project’s theme, delivering a listening journey you won’t forget. From fun sample choices to creating jaw-dropping atmospheres, their charming production chops will simply whisk you away. Future beat masterpieces and classic trap tunes fill the EP—the range of sound and melody is breathtaking. High-quality production, whimsical ideas, and true teamwork are what truly make this record shine bright.