Rome in Silver Delivers Summer-Ready Remix Of Mindchatter's 'Night Goggles' – FUXWITHIT

Good luck finding a Rome in Silver track that doesn’t put you in a better mood, because quite frankly we think that’s impossible. The Orange County-based artist has been on a tear of good vibes in recent months, from his Like Lightning EP on bitbird, to his Forever Flame EP on Monstercat, to a handful of bouncy remixes in between. No matter the season, Rome in Silver is sure to make you think you’re on the beach watching the sunset during a midsummer evening.

Continuing on this train of delivering serendipitous emotions, Rome in Silver returns today with his first release of the year, namely a fun-filled remix of Mindchatter’s ‘Night Goggles.’ While the original is calm and soothing with minimal electronic elements, the talented producer’s remix is lively, funky and hypnotizing. The original vocals are kept intact, but Rome in Silver gradually adds layers that build the intensity and danceability of the piece, blurring styles and genres as he has done so gracefully time and time again.

Rome in Silver’s remix of ‘Night Goggles’ is infectious and worthy of playing on repeat for hours on end. Don’t miss it below.