The Latest Evolution from wev, 'technobody' – FUXWITHIT

The latest concoction to come from the ever-evolving wev is titled ‘technobody’ alongside Hoodboi.

wev first caught ear with his trap and bass sounds, but his journey has led him to the shores of the house genre. It is always with apprehension that fans open their hearts to their favorite artists new approaches, but he’s proven to be right at home within the genre.

On ‘technobody’ there are fields of synths, as far as the eye can see and while there is a fresh, modern flare, particularly in the sleek transitions, there are some serious, old school vibes. The beat is irresistible, as a deep bass guitar keeps things tidy with the rhythm, and allows wev to indulge in other, quirkier samples like some more bongo-like drums, sassy maracas, and party-vibe vocals. Things are kept lively, and hold your attention with sudden deconstructions and the occasional distorted laser beam crescendo- signs that even though this track was clearly inspired by retro, house and techno sounds, the view is of the future of these genres.

‘Technobody’ reveals that wev has forged forward and carved out a true sound for himself. This is a sign to his audience that if they strap in for this ride, wev is going to take us on a wild ride. Have a listen below.