'Rise' Into Love With Lido's New Track – FUXWITHIT

It’s real simp hours with Lido and his new track, ‘Rise,’ which happens to be just another release from his upcoming LP, PEDER  Previously, the producer dropped ‘Postclubhomemusic’ and ‘How To Do Nothing,’ so we can only assume how many more songs he’ll put us in our feelings with.

‘Rise’ is definitely relatable, which is no surprise since Lido is a triple threat. The producer-singer-songwriter not only expresses how sometimes desperate it can feel to be in love, but the song’s hook touches on social media’s effects on relationships. The chorus reads, ‘Do you portray anyone? ‘Cause I’m high all day when I’m on your love when I’m on your love. But how do you caption the big picture? Who do you follow when your phone dies? Please stick around until the sunrise.’

With the lockdown still in full effect, sometimes it feels like the only way you can connect to someone is through the phone, even if we want to slide to their crib. So instead of pulling up, you might as well be safe and listen to ‘Rise’ by Lido in the comfort of your home. You can check it out below: