REAPER Takes No Prisoners In His Latest Single 'BARRICADE' – FUXWITHIT

If we were to tell you early last year that one of the biggest up and comers in bass music in 2020 was a drum and bass project, you’d probably ask us what the hell we’re smoking. But after a year of constantly releasing forward-thinking music, it’s safe to say REAPER has broken through from the underground. After becoming a regular on Monstercat, with a total of five singles and his debut EP, there’s no telling what comes next for this innovative project. We’ve come to love REAPER for his unique approach to drum and bass, which includes elements of hip-hop, dubstep, and halftime. This time the LA native returns to Monstercat with his heavy-hitting single ‘BARRICADE.’

We’re immediately introduced to the main melody out the gate, being played by this funky talk-box like synth and also being rhythmically carried by these syncopated hi-hats. In this section we’re also introduced to the extremely catchy vocal sample, while simultaneously being teased by these huge low-end synths that periodically make themselves known throughout the build-up, foreshadowing the beautiful chaos that is to come in the drop. As we reach the drop, the aggressive low-end synths that we’re introduced to earlier, take complete control of the track, transforming this record into a festival-ready banger. Stream the whole thing down below!