PREMIERE: Rome In Silver Unveils Majestic 'Fiore' – FUXWITHIT

Rome In Silver has been a longtime FUXWITHIT favourite. The Huntington Beach based producer continues to wow us with his diversity and creativity, finding himself at home making trap bangers, future bass ballads, and even dabbling in DnB. In recent time he’s been gearing up for his upcoming bitbird EP Like Lightning with the release of impressive singles ‘Fade’ and ‘Yoko.’ Today he keeps the excitement coming with the third and most adventurous release off the upcoming project entitled ‘Fiore.’

“I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone with this one, experimenting with really weird sounds, ideas, and a culmination of different genres. Something I wanted you to feel all around; a complete listening experience.” – Rome In Silver

The track is a majestic work of art that showcases the pinnacle of Rome In Silver’s talents. Fusing upbeat soundscapes with elements of drum & bass and divine melodies makes for a listening experience that’s unmatched. Upon pressing play the troubles of the world seems to drift away. High-pitched vocal bends lure you into a stunning lush garden. With each passing note the weather seems to warm and the sun brightens. Flowers bloom with resounding colours and patterns. Birds chirp calmly with their feathers acting as a monument to nature’s wonder. The air smells sweet and lush with promise. ‘Fiore’ is a one way ticket to bliss. Take a trip.