QUIX And Juelz's 'Chicane' Gets A Tune Up With New Remix EP – FUXWITHIT

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines because this race is about to take off into the stratosphere. The time has come. With much success and hype around the original, chosen fast-paced musicians decided to take a look under the hood of QUIX and Juelz‘s single, ‘Chicane,’ and gave it their own spin. If you haven’t already, go check out and support the original to get extra hyped for what you’re about to witness. For along this race track, contains some honorable drivers in the music industry. Musicians such as capshun, CORTR, msft and more have all taken part of this joyride to destiny. And the end result is truly mind-blowing. You won’t want to miss out on this.

Each remix has their own special quality and blueprint. From a heavy sound modification from msft, to an airy and melodic take from CORTR, there’s something for every electronic music lover out there. No matter who you listen to, every remix will leave you wanting more. Ending your week on a very high note. There’s a very good reason to why these artists were chosen to serve this track justice. From beginning to end, you’ll have this package on repeat while driving around your area. It’s an excellent body of work thanks to the souls who gave it their all to shine a brand new light. Honoring the original as well as their own style of art. Make sure to go support all these legends by streaming the remix EP on all platforms.

QUIX · Chicane Remixes