PREMIERE: Walschlager Makes His Mark With Debut Single 'Come Correct' – FUXWITHIT

Truly passionate about his craft, Brandon Walschlager began experimenting with music production from the age of only 12 and has never looked back since. Finding his passion for DJing after spending years testing a variety of DAWs, Walschlager leverages his own last name to showcase a project highly representative of who he is as a person. After escaping a tragic house fire and losing his equipment growing up, Walschlager is proving to the world that nothing can stop this promising new artist when it comes down to his dedication to perfect his signature house-inspired sound. Making his very first mark in the music industry, the Detroit-based producer is here to take you on a journey through the darker side of house music with debut single ‘Come Correct.’

With reverberating frequencies alongside mystic vocals that creep in and out, listeners are welcomed into a fury of drum claps and a distorted melody which leads into an intensified build-up. Flawlessly initiating a solid groove on the dancefloor, Walschlager not only touches upon dark synths and enticing basslines but brings out a side of undeniably wonky rhythms to lure listeners into this producers world of forward-thinking house music. Shifting levels with lively vocal samples and a splash of hip-hop, the producer’s foolishly dark and unforeseen instrumentals are enriched in the single. Inspiring those around him to take their time and put their utmost energy into their projects. Walschlager is a fine example of a producer who is not playing around when it comes to delivering a quality dancefloor heater.

“I wanted this to become my debut single to show the world a movement of coming correct, taking your time to get your things right and come correct. Save those ideas and creations from throwing them into the cosmos. The only true opponent is yourself, take your time, refine your craft, and come correct.” – Walschlager