PREMIERE: Trigo Unveils Debut EP 'Stellar' Via Electric Hawk – FUXWITHIT

Of all the labels (not genre-specific) that sooner or later have started including wave in their catalog, Electric Hawk is the one that in my opinion has managed to keep a solid standard since the very beginning. With compilations, singles and EPs, they’ve pretty much always provided vibes perfectly in line with my taste and, not of secondary importance, they also helped me discover new producers. As in this case. My ears were completely virgin to the sound of Trigo¬†(formerly INFDL) and this EP, with which he launches his new alias, was like the first date.

The title track of the collection, ‘Stellar’, which I have the pleasure and honor to premiere here, perfectly works as a key to get familiar with the sound proposed by Trigo. ‘Stellar’ perfectly showcases the fusion of textures that you’ll find in the project. At the aural intro, peaceful and calm like the surface of a lake in absence of wind, alluring, deep bass and growling basslines take the place of this stasis, as if a storm had broken out. Just as a stone falling into the water creates a geometric disruption all around, so the hammering dry kick creates this new controlled chaos, immaculately breaking into the thick layers of glitchy synths, pads and groove.

Although I can understand that for the more accustomed to the genre the plethora of sounds used could sound “classic,” I strongly invite you to take a few more minutes to listen carefully to both ‘Stellar’ and all the whole EP and enjoy their full potential. Music is an art that requires time to be appreciated properly and this case is not an exception. Listen to ‘Stellar’ now on SoundCloud or on your favorite platform here.