PREMIERE: SuperAve Attains True 'Baadmaan' Status With Latest Release – FUXWITHIT

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, SuperAve’s name is undoubtedly one you’ve become more than acquainted with. Bombastically putting forth an already trademarked sound on full display, he’s shown time and time again that he’s capable of releasing only the most potent of audible intoxicants. Sporting some of the bounciest beats in all the land, he successfully settles on the genre-border teetering finely between dubstep and the more experimental side of the bass music realm. Last year, he saw immense success from his ludicrous heater of a track in the form of ‘2047‘, which got rinsed regularly at some of the biggest festivals in the entire country. Now that he’s achieved true digital audio gangster status, he aims to hit the streets and level up once more with his latest thunderous release ‘Baadmaan.’

A tell-tale sign of a master musician is someone that can set a tone from the very opening notes of their piece. From the get-go, SuperAve solidifies a precedent of undeniable swagger and immense drip, with ‘Baadmaan’ making you truly believe you’re the biggest badass to ever walk the face of the earth. Utilizing spicy looped hip-hop vocal samples and an undeniable underlying danciness, the mood is more than properly set before the first proper deluge of existence-shattering bass turns everyone in the vicinity into a whirling dervish. Dense, rich, and all-encompassing, each drop is textbook SuperAve, properly gorging your ego to borderline tyrannical proportions. With a temporary god-complex not too far off the table for anyone gripped in the clutches of this enormous masterpiece, hefty warning-labels should assuredly be attached for the general public’s well-being. So, what are you still waiting for? Check out ‘Baadmaan’ for yourself below and grab the free download.